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A Brief Overview of GFI

GFI is a company specializing in finance and investment, operating across various levels, from individual investments to public shareholding companies. We have established connections with a global network of financial experts and professionals. This collective expertise plays a pivotal role in conducting essential studies and offering consultations, contributing significantly to the success of projects undertaken by GFI. Furthermore, our approach involves carefully selecting successful projects in different countries, fostering investment opportunities and facilitating their success through streamlined processes.

Why Choose GFI

GFI stands out for its diversified investments across multiple sectors, including industry, agriculture, education, health, energy, transportation, real estate, Information Technology, Communications, and services.


E-commerce and retail innovation


E-commerce and Retail Innovation

This project introduces a fresh perspective on e-commerce in the Arab World, encompassing the Middle East and North Africa.

It promises a novel approach to services that benefits both producers and customers alike.

For additional details, please reach out to us at:


Dried frutes and vegetables factory

Dried Fruits and Vegetables Factory

Modern International School for Girls

Modern International School for Girls

Jordanian-Canadian Autism Center

Jordanian-Canadian Autism Center

Your satisfaction is our top priority
Wherever you are, we're ready to assist
Discover our jurney to success
Embark on excellence
The key to our success lies in sustained purposefulness

Discover Our Journey to Success

Your Satisfaction is Our Top Priority

The Key to Our Success Lies in Sustained Purposefulness

Wherever You Are, We're Ready to Assist with Your Service Needs

Embark on Excellence

Global Finance and Investment and Projects Management


Navigating Success Together: Strategic Investments, Ethical Choices, Enduring Growth.

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